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Most of us are not living up to our full potential and we often let fear and negative messages we carry in our mind control us and make our everyday decisions for us.

What we have missed is that the Universe is an infinite and profoundly loving, immensely powerful, and creative force… and we are a part of that creation.

It is time for us to start changing our mindset so that we truly and deeply know our own worth, our own beauty and our own power.

When our mindset changes and we understand and believe this truth, our life will change to match this truth.


“Change happens from the inside out – it starts in your mind and it starts with you. Suzana’s inspirational stories and common sense approach to making quantum leaps in your results make this book a guide for growth and improvement. Apply the principles and change your life. You won’t ever look back.”

Bob Proctor, Master Success Coach

“What if I told you that this book could remove whatever obstacles you maybe facing and could create a huge, yet positive, shift in your life?

Purpose is a driving force behind who you are and what you do. Suzana has learned that simple truth through her own compelling experiences that she shares within the pages of this heartfelt and inspirational book.

She will help guide you to discovering your purpose by teaching you some simple tools and techniques that you can apply to your own life. 

A must read for anyone wanting to change their life by changing their mindset.”

Peggy McColl, New York Times Best Selling Author

“I absolutely loved reading Your2Minds by Suzana Mihajlovic! If you think this book is about the conscious and subconscious minds… hang on, because there’s a delicious twist!

This book opened up my mind and heart to new possibilities that I hadn’t even considered.

Devour this book and enjoy the brilliant insights. Suzana Mihajlovic is a genius!”

Brett Sampson, President, Sampson Consulting

“Your2Minds will make you have a deeper perspective on what goes on inside your head. It will force you to reflect on what you have done, look at what you are doing and have a vision for your future.

Suzana gets you to write down your thoughts and answers to her questions forcing you to engage the mind at a deeper level and tell your subconscious mind that you are ready to make a change and take action.

The exercises help you to connect, identify,and recognize what you need to do. She shares her personal experience showing us how one must choose the path and want to change. We will have different voices trying to direct us. No one is exempt from having 2Minds but we must make the choice of which we allow to be the dominant mind and use it to transform our lives.”

Makini Smith, Author of A Walk in My Stilettos

“In this inspiring, open-hearted, easy to follow book, Suzana engages us with her personal life experiences and strategies that have transformed her life.

Through this book, she shares those insights and provides useful, practical exercises to challenge her readers to work towards their full potential.”

Dr. Reenu Farrugia, Psy.D
Your2Minds is a book you will devour. One to keep close at hand and to read and re-read. If you absorb and implement the ideas and strategies that Suzana suggests your life and results will change beyond all recognition.”

Karen Mullins
, Principal, Karen Mullins Consulting


“This book will undoubtedly change the way you see, feel and deal with your mind and life. Discover your inner power now!


Sheila Benton, Personal and Business Consultant

Your2Minds is written like a conversation between you and a trusted friend.Suzana shows you how to draw more meaning, greater satisfaction, and profound purpose from your own life with knowledge that comes from a deep place of wisdom.

A conversation that could prove to be a turning point to building your life in ways you barely dare dream about.”

Monte Young, USAF Major (ret), Southwest Airlines Pilot



The Law of Attraction workshop was next level. I have listened to and read a lot about the Law of Attraction but I have never heard it described in that way and in so much depth! I will be re-reading my notes over and over to really make it sink in. There has been such a shift in my perspective just in a few sessions. WOW! Seriously!”

Jo Wolff

QLD, Australia

“I have never really understood the Law of Attraction, vibration and energy. I am just learning and have discovered that I have been trying to manifest from the wrong place. Your course has been AMAZING! Thank you so much! I am excited to watch the final session because it has been so so powerful. It is so generous of you to have shared your learnings in this way. I am absolutely LOVING IT!” 

Mary-Ann Di Ienno

Melbourne, Australia

If you think you know about the Law of Attraction, then think again. I have been studying these principles for years now and only now do I finally understand what has been missing. Suzana has pulled back the curtain and revealed teachings that I have never seen anywhere before. Take your manifesting to the next level with this program."

Lisa Suling-Maslin

Melbourne, Australia