The Thinking Into Results® Program is presented in twelve logical, simple and practical lessons, to ensure that the methods and success mindset become a part of your thinking, actions and results and translate into an exceptional return on investment for you.

Acclaimed teachers Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher, alongside Thinking Into Results manifesting coach Suzana Mihajlovic will guide you through this innovative leadership and development program.

The comprehensive program and targeted curriculum includes:

Lesson 1: A Worthy Ideal
Lesson 2: The Knowing-Doing Gap
Lesson 3: Your Infinite Mind
Lesson 4: The Secret Genie
Lesson 5: Thinking into Results
Lesson 6: Environment is But Our Looking Glass
Lesson 7: Trample the Terror Barrier
Lesson 8: The Power of Praxis
Lesson 9: The Magic Word
Lesson 10: The Most Valuable Person
Lesson 11: Leaving Everyone with the Impression of Increase
Lesson 12: Magnifying the Mind

Your program with Suzana includes:

– Bob Proctor’s 12 lesson Thinking into Results program

– Weekly group coaching calls on each lesson by the director of Your2Minds, Suzana Mihajlovic (who is a certified Proctor Gallagher Consultant)

– Regular question and answer sessions

– Usually the program includes 6 months of coaching, however if you REGISTER TODAY, you will get an additional 6 months for FREE! This means that you will get 12 months of group coaching with one of the world’s top Bob Proctor coaches, Suzana Mihajlovic.  


This powerful course will guide you through the exact steps you need to take to create the life of your dreams. The course consists of 6 lessons which are completed every day for a week.

Lesson 1 helps you understand and define exactly what your big dream is. We’re going to define it, write it down and discover what living this dream will feel like!

Lesson 2 goes into detail about limiting beliefs and how we can truly step beyond them and quantum leap to our deepest dreams. The dreams that truly excite us!

Lesson 3 is the most important step. We are going to make a decision no matter the challenges involved to follow our dream. We are committed to creating the life of our dreams!

Lesson 4 describes the fuel that will keep us motivated to achieve our dreams. To push past the limiting beliefs and really unlock our unlimited potential!

Lesson 5 is all about taking action. The Law of GOYA is Get Off Your Ass! It’s time for us to start implementing action to show the universe we are ready to receive our dream!

Lesson 6 will teach you to believe in yourself. How we can truly realise that we are unlimited beings that are capable of anything. I will guide you to realise that you are truly capable of anything and that if you can think it, you can create it!

At the end of the week, you’ll receive an exclusive elite one-on-one coaching session with me. No matter what your goal is, whether financial, relationship or career, as your manifesting coach I’m going to take you to the next step in creating the life of your dreams.


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