“Huge shout out to this incredible woman Suzana Mihajlovic. I started working with her in October and my life is VERY different now.

She is truly gifted and she is like no other. She has been the most incredible coach and has helped shift everything for me, to the point that my business is booming.

I never saw it happening like this until I started my work with her and in such a short time my entire life has transformed and not only has she helped me but she’s helped many in my team also.

Suzana, YOU ARE A HUGE GIFT in my life and I am grateful every day for you. You are the REAL DEAL so if anyone out there wants more in their life or you’re stuck in a rut, whether it be business, personal, financial then she is your answer.

This incredible lady works direct with the big man himself Bob Proctor. She is one of his TOP consultants and just so you know, very few get to work direct with him.

I searched for years to find someone that I trusted and who was not only amazing but had  success in her own life.

She is incredible and she will change your life!

Thank you Suzana, you are always there and when I hit a block you get me out of it every single time so thank you.”

Nicole Chugg, NSW, Australia

“Suzana’s coaching led me to achieve my dream of becoming an author and online coach! In 6 months with her coaching I didn’t just write one book and online program, I wrote two and am in the process of writing a third!
If you want to overcome obstacles and create the life of your dreams, get in Suzana’s coaching program! There is a medical quality to her coaching style that will transform your life.”
Holly Hudspeth, Florida, USA

“I first met Suzana on a team call she offered which was called a breakthrough session.

I’m not gonna lie when this was offered I was terrified to reach out to book this in.

I had gone through the worst time of my life and finally thought I was in a good place – at least I was pretending to be in a good place.

Then I realised I probably would have had to break down to go through a breakthrough session.

It took me two weeks to book this session as the fear was getting in my way. I finally did it and don’t know why I didn’t do it earlier. Yes I did breakdown but I needed to do that to breakthrough.

I had a lot of grief going on and putting unnecessary pressure on myself.

Suzana helped me work though this and gave me the daily tools I needed to move forward with my life.

It helped me to see that I have infinite potential and had to change my mind. Suzana is an incredible human and such an inspiration. She is a fabulous coach/mentor with so much love, kindness and compassion. I’m in a much better place now and beyond grateful for her.

In our sessions I have really struggled with a few things one being to make a decision. It’s like words just come to her and it’s so powerful that I put an action plan into place straight after the call. It’s as if I can feel her vibrations though the screen and that is truly incredible and life changing.

I would definitely highly recommend Suzana to take your life and business to the next level to live your best life. Thank you so much gorgeous, I’m so thankful and truly grateful for you. You’re definitely a beautiful angel.”

Amanda, NSW, Australia

“Suzana has been nothing short of incredible… within the first month of working with her, I had already increased my turnover by 200%.

Suzana has a beautiful chilled out vibe. Using her intuition, education, and experience Suzana educates you on a whole new way of thinking and a clear path to achieving your BIG GOALS.

I look forward to our group meetings each and every week.”

Tina Ciccolini, NSW, Australia

“Well, what can I say in a few words and tell it all? Not possible as there are so much to say about Suzana’s work, her attitude, genuine care, and positive vibrations.

Being an artist, I know what does it mean to be connected with higher-self, to be special, to be unique and express a talent in a suitable way.

Life can go up but also can go down and it can go down much faster and quicker than going up – trust me, I’ve been there… I have lost “a touch” with ME, my purpose and my talent! I was going around and around like a dog who is chasing his tail but without better/different results.

I felt from the very beginning the awesomeness of Suzana’s soul and fairness like she is someone I know all my life! Of course, we are from the same country and even our hometowns are very close too… making us understand each other better as well because the life values, tradition, and life “habits” are very similar.

It all started as a play… as a game, and through exercises, and with her help I have managed to make some great things which have been in my mind for a long time…

I know also that it wasn’t easy to Suzana to deal with me and my constant past tense regret attitude…

Well, she taught me that past is past…and the future is mine – not tomorrow or in a week or month or in a year, BUT NOW! What the “uncle” Bob will say “What you have in your mind and really believe in it – you will have it in your hands”.

Many great things have happened in my life and I truly believe that this is just a beginning.

Thinking Into Results is something that has brought me back self-confidence, hope and believes that I am nothing less or nothing more than I want to be and how I see myself – not others.

“Learn from the BEST,” they say… well, this is it! Thanks a lot, dear Suzana and I am looking forward to sharing with you my newest art project(s).”

Goran Dojcinovic, Melbourne, Australia

“After just one session with Suzana… I felt a shift… I did my homework and in the next week doors opened for me and opportunities arose… re: job, money, weight, happiness… It was incredible… Just by tweaking a few things.. I’m so grateful to Suzana.. lots more to do but it’s a great path to be on.”

Sarah-Jane Sims, England

“Suzana provides all the tools and support in helping you achieve whatever you’ve got your heart set on. You never feel alone or forgotten because Suzana is there every step of the way believing in you sometimes more than you believe in yourself. She is truly dedicated and full of passion for what she does. I highly recommend her and her services to anyone that has never done this sort of work before and to anyone that has but has not found “the right one” – she is “The Right One”!!!”

M.Curuvija, Melbourne, Australia

“I want to share my journey over the last year and a half. I am happy and grateful that Suzana Mihajlovic came into my life. I share this not for sympathy and if you read on you will understand.

We are all here for a purpose, finding that purpose is paramount. If I want to be free, I have to be me, not the me anyone else thinks I should be. I have found me, thank you Suzana and your amazing program that you give so much to.

I was once a victim of self harm, self dislike, thought I wasn’t good enough because I failed at school because I could not focus on education back then. I could only focus on trying to run away from childhood sexual abuse. I was searching for safety.

40 odd years later and many mistakes that I then believed kept me a victim a dear friend suggested I contact Suzana so I did. Best investment in myself I have ever done. Actually one of the first investments I have done for myself. In the last year and a half with Your2Minds, TIR, my life is full of abundance, wealth in many ways not just $, creativity, health, great relationships and more. I thank you and am happy and grateful for Suzana Mihajlovic . I love to paint and until tonight I never considered myself as an artist. I am free because I am me.”

Milisa Savic, Melbourne, Australia

“Suzana, I am so happy and grateful to you for showing up every week over the last 4 months that I have been in your program.

My energy and frequency has lifted, I’ve had a few shifts in my paradigms since working with you. I’ve attracted so many positives in my business and personal life that has changed so many of my limiting beliefs.

I absolutely love that you keep us focused every week to achieve our goal. I’m finding that it keeps me motivated and I’m able to share my knowledge with my greater team and empower them to be more and create more. I’m blessed to be part of a group of like minded men and women. I’m looking forward to to the next 6 months of my growth in this area.”

Caterina Rossi, Melbourne, Australia

“Suzana is above all an amazing person – all the qualities you look for in a mentor/coach. She is kind, a great listener, a great questioner and also knows when you need a kick up the butt (because you are not doing the work and/or being your best self). She does this all in a compassionate way and always has your best interest at heart. AND she walks her talk.”

Danijela Glogovac, Melbourne, Australia

“Suzana is absolutely brilliant! I can’t thank her enough for her help in getting me to reach for and take action on achieving my highest potential.”

Leanne Smith, Melbourne, Australia

“Having spent 6 months with Suzana on the TIR program has transformed my life. Its such a powerful program. You will discover so much about yourself that will ultimately drive your business and personal life to great heights. Thank you Suzana.”

Micky Ilic, Melbourne, Australia

“Suzana has such a dedication and understanding of her people and can easily identify the breakthrough techniques to create a new level of thought processing and identity. Suzana has been amazing with processes for me to adopt certainty and a knowing within myself and start a new level of self worth with both myself and my business. I am so excited for the future to see it all unfold completely.”

Donna Ferguson, Queensland, Australia

“In August 2019 I suddenly lost my mother, my father slipped into a massive depression, they live in the UK and I live on the other side of the planet in Australia.  My business was in start-up, I had ended a relationship with someone I was deeply in love with and this was all happening at the exact same time! I was strung out.

For a few weeks the amazingly loving, wonderful and accomplished Suzana Mihajlovic of Your 2 Minds had been sending me little messages, we were not in close contact, in fact I had coached Suzana a few years before in trading the financial markets. I realised the Universe was screaming at me to get some help, I had been self-managing through the crisis but it was time…

The coach needed a coach and man was it the best decision I ever made to work with Suzana and do the Thinking Into Results program.

Let’s just say it set me on fire, I had a gigantic quantum leap forward in business, we went from just having clients in Australia to now having offices in Australia, UK and Singapore.

I moved into a beautiful 25 million dollar mansion in Balmoral Beach in Sydney, met a new partner and my own FX coaching business also took off and I frankly when I look back at the last few months I am astounded and eternally grateful for what has been achieved.  Suzana is an amazing, connected and truthful coach.  Having been in the coaching/mindset industry for over a decade, Suzana and the Thinking Into Results program stand out for me as the game changer…

There should be no hesitation, don’t flinch or flicker.  Just do it and you will NOT regret a single second.”

Adam Truelove, Sydney, Australia


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