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Your2Minds: Using Your Mind to Transform Your Life

We are so excited to announce the launch of
“Your2Minds – Using Your Mind To Transform Your Life”

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If you knew your life was coming to an end, would you be happy with who you are and the life you’ve lived?

This confronting question is at the heart of the inspiring, myth busting book, “Your2Minds: Using Your Mind to Transform Your Life”. Inspired by the Law of Attraction, this book includes practical and life-changing lessons that I discovered as a protege of today’s master of new thought and human potential, Bob Proctor. 

In this book, I go beyond the basic Law of Attraction principles and draw on my own transformational experiences and skills as an elite level mindset and success coach, to dive into the core of shifting paradigms. I ask you to think about the kind of life you REALLY want to live and the person you REALLY want to be, and then I show you how you can DO and BE exactly that.

Forget the myth that people are born smart, good-looking, or rich, and only the lucky ones can live a charmed life. YOU CAN TOO! Whether your dream is to escape the rat race, pursue your passion, write a best-seller, or just be a more confident and authentic version of YOU, this book is your blueprint for getting what you want, every time, no matter what it is.

Make no mistake, manifesting the life of your dreams is simple but not easy. It takes knowledge, guidance, and discipline. This book provides everything you need to realise YOUR INFINITE POTENTIAL.

Valued at $997.00

BONUS 1: Your2Minds Indepth LIVE Workshop series

This Live workshop series will explore in depth the concepts of the book.  The workshops are interactive and designed to guide you through the lessons in the book.

BONUS 2: Your2Minds Workbook

This workbook is the perfect companion to the Book and Workshop series.


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As a child, Suzana’s father taught her to dream big. Some of the dreams she had as a child seemed to be out of reach for a girl who came from a humble newly arrived migrant family in the northern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia. However, a seed to her ambition had been planted and, as a result, the desire to achieve was constantly knocking at her heart. This desire led her to the never-ending quest for information, for personal development and the study of human potential.

Whilst studying psychology at Deakin University, she was fascinated to learn that we only use 4 to 6 percent of our brains. She was also intrigued to find that 96 to 98% of all of our emotions, behaviours and results are ruled by the subconscious mind. This led her to study the subconscious mind and how we could influence our mind to achieve the results that benefit us rather than hinder us. It was in 2007 that Suzana discovered the teachings of the world renowned Bob Proctor. As a result, Suzana noticed that her life had began to take a positive turn. In 2017 Suzana became a proud Proctor Gallagher Institute Consultant. Suzana has been mentored directly by Bob Proctor and she now owns an international coaching company where she combines the teachings from her mentor, her studies, and experience to help people transform their lives and achieve their dreams.

In 2006, Suzana was one of twenty-five international students who were granted admission into Hiroshima City University, where she completed the Hiroshima and Peace Intensive Summer Course. This had been an intense yet profound and compelling experience where Suzana and her fellow students, both from Japan and many other parts of the world had the opportunity to study and debate possible solutions toward a more peaceful world.

At a young age, Suzana was influenced by her grandmother (Baba Nada), a strong and passionate woman who was born in the southern Serbian village of Masurica. Having thoroughly travelled the world and liaised with many influential people throughout her career, to this day her Baba Nada, although no longer alive, was one of the most influential and charming leaders that she has ever had the privilege to know. Suzana’s love, passion and interest in people stemmed from her grandmother’s love for others. It is through this book that she has a desire to connect with people hoping that they too will master their mind and use more of their own potential.

“Change happens from the inside out it starts in your mind and it starts with you.  Suzanas inspirational stories and common sense approach to making quantum leaps in your results make this book a guide for growth and improvement.  Apply the principles and change your life. You wont ever look back.

Bob Proctor

Master Success Coach

“What if I told you that this book could remove whatever obstacles you may be facing and could create a huge, yet positive, shift in your life? Purpose is a driving force behind who you are and what you do. Suzana has learned that simple truth through her own compelling experiences that she shares within the pages of this heartfelt and inspirational book. She will help guide you to discovering your purpose by teaching you some simple tools and techniques that you can apply to your own life. A must read for anyone wanting to change their life by changing their mindset.”

Peggy McColl

New York Times Best Selling Author

Your2Minds will make you have a deeper perspective on what goes on inside your head. It will force you to reflect on what you have done, look at what you are doing and have a vision for your future. Suzana gets you to write down your thoughts and answers to her questions forcing you to engage the mind at a deeper level and tell your subconscious mind that you are ready to make a change and take action. The exercises help you to connect, identify, and recognize what you need to do. 

She shares her personal experience showing us how one must choose the path and want to change. We will have different voices trying to direct us. No one is exempt from having 2Minds but we must make the choice of which we allow to be the dominant mind and use it to transform our lives. “

Makini Smith

Author of A Walk in My Stilettos