What makes us different

Unleash Your Inner Superstar: Transform from the Inside Out with Our Immersive Workshop

Experience the ultimate self-improvement journey with our Superstar Workshop. Our expert coaches will inspire and empower you to overcome obstacles like self-doubt and stress. You’ll develop practical strategies to transform your mind, body, and soul and achieve your goals. Whether you feel stuck or want to invest in yourself, this workshop is the perfect opportunity to unleash your inner superstar.

“Your self-image will always determine your results. Change your self-image and you change your results.” – Dr Maxwell Maltz

Your self-image is the key to a better life and to the success that you have always dreamt of. Our tailored program will help you create a new self-image that matches the success you would love to have deep in your mind first. We will then match this new self-image to your physical body and style. This workshop transforms all layers of your being to ensure you achieve the success that you deserve in business and in life.

Get ready to ignite your inner superstar!

Join Suzana, a top global success coach, and Emma, an extraordinary personal trainer and stylist, for a mind-blowing three-day workshop in Melbourne. Through their unparalleled expertise, they’ll help you unlock your full potential and achieve the life and business goals you’ve always dreamed of. Don’t miss this one-of-a-kind opportunity to invest in yourself and transform your mind, body, and soul. Join Suzana and Emma and unleash your inner superstar like never before!

What makes us different

“We are Suzana Mihajlovic, top global success coach, and Emma Ferris, one of Australia’s top stylists and personal trainers extraordinaire. Together, we have combined our talents to create an even more phenomenal program that will transform your Self-Image in just three days.”

What can you expect over the three days?

Self-Image Workshop

Work directly with Suzana throughout the workshop to create a new inner self-image to match the success that you want. This is the most important element to huge success.

Personal stylist

Rediscover your unique style and brand with Emma’s guidance as she helps you identify what complements your body and your new image to match your success.

Personal training session

Collaborate with Emma in a personalised training session aimed at revitalising your body.

Christian Louboutin VIP Event

Arrive in luxurious style with a limousine and savour French champagne while trying on exquisite shoes. Plus, you’ll receive a $500 voucher to treat yourself to a pair of your own.

Customised meditation

Deeply embed your new self-image in your mind with a specifically designed transformation meditation by Suzana.


And much more!

And an endless array of exciting extras that will blow your mind!

What makes us different

Day 1: Inner-Work

Get ready for an exhilarating first day of our workshop! You’ll embark on a journey towards achieving your dreams by creating a powerful self-image that aligns with your aspirations. We will help you understand the power of your mind and to once and for all replace your old, outdated self-image with one that will give you everything you want and deserve in business and in life. By the end of the day, you’ll have the tools to transform your self-image and unlock your full potential for achieving greatness in life and business. Get ready to become the star of your own story and kickstart your journey to success!

Day 2: Self-Care & Indulgence

Day two of our workshop is packed with excitement and indulgence! Once you have created your new self-image, you will embed it deeper within your mind through specifically designed and transformational meditation engineered by Suzana to move your new image into your subconscious mind. You will also receive a complimentary personal training session with Emma with specific techniques to to help you transform your body AND a personal styling session that will help you match your new image with your new style. And the cherry on top? You’ll be whisked away in a luxurious limousine to attend a Christian Louboutin VIP event, where you’ll sip champagne and enjoy an unforgettable day of glamour and style. Get ready to feel like royalty and experience the ultimate day of self-care and indulgence!

Day 3: Show up as the NEW YOU!

This is about you transforming how you see yourself and ultimately your life. On the final day, you will show up as the new you. You will think, feel and be this new person that is ready to go back to her incredible new life and business. Get ready for an unforgettable final day of our workshop, where you’ll shine as the superstar that you are! You’ll have the chance to reflect on your journey and share your transformation with the group in an inspiring 10-minute presentation. This is your moment to show up as your best self and inspire others with your newfound confidence and clarity. And what’s a celebration without certificates and photos? You’ll receive a certificate of completion and snap some amazing shots to capture this incredible experience forever. Get ready for an uplifting and empowering day filled with self-discovery, reflection, and celebration!

View the full agenda here, don’t miss out!

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What makes us different


“Suzana Mihajlovic you have summed up your masterclass beautifully, it was vibrant, provided us with real gems to take forward in our lives and from behind the scenes it was exciting seeing the changes taking place for people. I loved every minute of it.”

Collette Parr-Owens

New Zealand

“I started training with Emma around three months ago after I felt as though I was stuck in a fitness rut! Her sessions are always engaging and versatile as well as enjoyable. I feel better about myself and feel like it has filled a gap maintaining a strong body in my 60’s all from the comfort of my own lounge room. Emma’s energy and kind nature is second to none. There is no one I would rather train with at 6.30am!”

Beth Domaille

Melbourne, Australia

“I am so grateful that Suzana Mihajlovic went after her true dreams!! She has transformed so many lives and continues to inspire, educate and impact millions more. When you impact one person it causes a ripple effect that flows into the lives of many others! I am so proud to be a part of this incredible community and Inner Circle!”

Tiffany Haskins


“Emma gave me a whole new wardrobe using clothes I already had! Artfully styling things in ways I had never thought of. Emma created a customised look book for me to reference and we made a shortlist (very short as it turned out) of gaps in my wardrobe. It was so much fun and felt amazing to have a clear out/re-style sesh in my walk-in”

Victoria Gibbins

Melbourne, Australia

“We are our own life’s biggest investment. We need to keep adding to that, we need to continue to grow, expand, and being in as special a program is the most rewarding part!”

Tatjana Pismanovska

Melbourne, Australia

“I thought my wardrobe needed a complete overhaul after 3 years of working from home. But once Emma came in and sorted through, she helped me put some outfits together that I wouldn’t of thought of. Emma gave me a better idea of what styles suited my body shape and what styles to avoid. And I was really surprised to find that there are only a few key pieces missing that I need to pull even more great looks together. Emma is so fun to work with and I’m so excited for the 1:1 shopping experience next week.”

Jill Leader

Melbourne, Australia

Meet the experts

What makes us different
My name is Suzana Mihajlovic and I’m in the top 1% of certified consultants from the Proctor Gallagher Institute.

I have helped 1600+ individuals just like you unlock their potential and achieve success in various areas of their lives!

Join me in-person as we spend three full days transforming your self-image!

What makes us different

Hi, I’m Emma Ferris and I am passionate about women’s health, fitness and body confidence. As a Personal Trainer my focus is to help every woman and man love their body and gain confidence through movement and exercise.

Having worked in the Fashion Industry for 20 plus years as a Senior Buyer for iconic brands like Sportsgirl, The Just Group and Target, and owning my own boutique I am now combining my two passions to assist my clients to move their bodies, feel completely fabulous in their own skin and help them dress for their unique and beautiful self.

Sign up before 12th May and save over $500 PLUS, receive a $500 Christian Louboutin gift voucher to fuel your dreams.

Take a step towards your transformation today!

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