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Here’s a quick recap of what to expect each day

Each day, I’ll kick off a Facebook Live session at 12pm (AEST) in a private group (that you should already be a member of) and we’ll go through the workbook. The workbook has been designed to be simple and clear but extremely impactful. There are deliberately only a few questions that you need to answer each day, so it doesn’t take too much time. During the session, the group can ask any questions they’d like. Plus, you’ll also have a 1:1 designated Success Advisor that will help you outside of the masterclass. Now that’s support!



Key Building Blocks to Reach Your Highest Potential

19 JULY @ 12PM (AEST)
45 min session


Defining Your Identity and Understanding Paradigms

20 JULY @ 12PM (AEST)
45 min session


Aligning Your Self-Image to Results

21 JULY @ 12PM (AEST)
45 min session


Understanding Universal Laws That Impact Decisions

22 JULY @ 12PM (AEST)
45 min session


The Key to Start Achieving Your Aspirations in Life

23 JULY @ 12PM (AEST)
45 min session

DAY 6 & 7

Success Stories to Inspire You and Catapult You Forward

24 & 25 JULY @ 12PM (AEST)
45 min session

Don’t forget, all sessions will be recorded and available in the FB Group for the duration of the 7-day course. So, you can watch it at any time.


"Suzana Mihajlovic you have summed up Your Opulent Self Masterclass beautifully, it was vibrant, provided us with real gems to take forward in our lives and from behind the scenes it was exciting seeing the changes taking place for people. I loved every minute of it.”

Collette Parr-Owens

New Zealand

"A special HUUUUUGGGGGEEEEE THAAAANNNQQQQQ TO Suzana Mihajlovic for our Your Opulent Self chat/coaching session yesterday morning
She just gets it, gets me, has a gift!!
And is incredible at what she does!"

Dre McLaughlin

Brisbane, Australia

“We are our own life’s biggest investment. We need to keep adding to that, we need to continue to grow, expand, and being in as special a program like Your Opulent Self…is the most rewarding part!”

Tatjana Pismanovska

Melbourne, Australia

"A positively amazing support system full of love and understanding, to help break the cycles of self-sabotaging, toxic & bad habits!”

J.D. Harris

New Mexico, USA

"The absolute best decision I have made in a long time. To anyone who is undecided as to whether to take that leap into becoming your Opulent Self, your Abundant self, do yourself the biggest favour, hop off the fence and do it. Since signing I have been engrossed in the material and lessons for the course and it's amazing, awesome. The support available is brilliant, I can't praise Suzana and her team highly enough..waking up at 3am every morning not to miss the sessions was so worth it!”

Pamella Hanson

Brighton, UK

“When Suzana first said that the 7-day Your Opulent Self course would be transformational, I didn’t really believe it but I thought I would do it anyway….I woke up up at 4am every morning not to miss the lessons and BOY!! So much has happened in just 7-days. It truly was transformational in so many ways. I am excited what has opened up for me and what is about to open up for my life.”

“This (Your Opulent Self) is truly amazing.”

Diana Lehner

Vienna, Austria

"I am so grateful that Suzana Mihajlovic went after her true dreams!! She has transformed so many lives and continues to inspire, educate and impact millions more. When you impact one person it causes a ripple effect that flows into the lives of many others! I am so proud to be a part of this incredible community and Inner Circle!”

Tiffany Haskins


“I absolutely loved everyday of Your Opulent Self and I am now diving into the true possibilities for myself.”

Vanessa Fentaine

Melbourne, Australia

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